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2 x Magnetic Palm Acupressure Needle Ball for Exercise-Masager-Magnetic Therapy

Portable magnetic acupressure massage balls that can be used anywhere be it shop, office, home or car. You need not take out extra time from daily routine for healthy massage. Just keep it in your palms and a simple roll would target acu-points in your palms. This simple magnetic balls are based on proven traditional Chinese acupressure therapy. Magnetic field increases blood circulation and helps stimulating the nervous system. Extremely helpful in relieving fatigue, muscle pain and stiffness . It benefits not only your hands but the complete body. Hundreds of small spiked protrusions provide a strong stimulation for the acu-points of the hand begin to relax and eliminate tension. Simply hold, squeeze, or roll in hands or on the body, this easy-to-use massage ball is great.

·         Acupuncture needle ball function as a hand massage that can be used for relaxation and tension relief.


·         Improves blood circulation, pain relief.


·         It can be used on one hand or both hand.


·         Adjust pressure to suit your personal taste.


·         Used on different acu-points also for better blood circulation.


·         Prevent illness.


·         Health protection and special pain relief for hands and legs due to magnetic beads inside the Acu-Balls.

·         Also an excellent gift