Posted by julie ann kaufman on 27th Apr 2023

NATURAL BATTERIES?  Vibes Up products are amazing
(that never run out) Our patented formula applies pressure to the 1000's of tiny inner quartz crystals, in a perfect phi ratio, helping create over 1 million rays of natural energy per second (PIEZO).

PLUS, every step you take creates
additional pressure and can help generate even more of this natural energy for your body! They are ALIVE with waves of REAL EARTH energy. BENEFICIAL TO YOUR BODY, MIND and SOUL/SOLE!

May be helpful with
*ENERGIZING * HAPPINESS LEVELS *PAIN SUPPORT *BALANCE *HEALTH *EMOTIONAL WELL BEING *CONFIDENCE *GROUNDING (harmonizing non beneficial energies including electronic toxins and grumpy people) much more....

Interesting Facts: The bottom of our feet have 50,000 receptors. Think of them as our plugins and the earth as our energy source. Most shoes disconnect us from the earth's energy. These shoe inserts are concentrated pulsing REAL EARTH that can help pull non-beneficial energy OUT (GROUNDING) and feed beneficial energy back INto our bodies (ELECTRO).
In our natural state of living we would be walking barefoot directly on the earth. The bottom of our feet contain a road map connected to all of our body and organs, (see reflexology chart below). Under the principles of understanding the pulsing electro (OUT) and magnetic (IN) energy of the earth we could easily see how this direct earth contact would be constantly energizing and clearing, balancing and NURTURING all of our organs via our feet.