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From Garland County Arkansas, a quartz crystal cluster with multiple metaphysical properties.   1) Grounding Point Receiver Point; and more. 

Crystal Clusters and Clear quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, Silicon Dioxide and is one of the most abundant minerals on earth.  Quartz crystal is composed of structured atoms that vibrate at a stable frequency, which makes it an excellent receptor and transmitter of electromagnetic waves. When connected to electricity, quartz vibrates creating an electrical charge, a property that was critical to the development of marine instruments, clocks, watches, radios, and computer chips.  The conversion of quartz into silicon chips revolutionized computer technology and made the digital age possible. Just like a computer, the silicon dioxide structure of quartz makes it programmable and allows for the storage of vast amounts of information.  Crystals may facilitate the manifestation of thoughts and intention by amplifying and transmitting energy. Since ancient time, Quartz has been used as a source of power and energy to enhance meditation and promote healing. Clear quartz contains the full spectrum of light and may promote and restore well-being by amplifying and harmonizing energy.  Milky quartz is clear quartz that has been included with microscopic water bubbles which give it an opaque appearance. Milky quartz has the same properties as clear quartz with a YIN energy that compliments and balances the YANG energy of clear quartz; crystals with a combination of clear and milky quartz have a balanced YIN/YANG energy. 

 There are many differing viewpoints about the metaphysical properties of crystals and the specific uses of certain types of crystal formations. ALL OF THEM ARE RIGHT!  The mystical crystal experience is derived by mingling the energies of the individual with that of the crystal – so the different people will have different experiences.  The metaphysical information provided is based on my research and experience, your experience may be different. Unraveling crystal mysteries, programming crystals, and directing crystal energy effectively are skills that must be developed through frequent and regular interaction with your crystals.  Crystal healing and meditation are adjunct therapies.

 All natural crystal have imperfections which may include edge wear, nicks, or bruises.