Far Infra Red Portable Home Sauna

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Magic Home Sauna  Far Infra Red

Enjoy the convenience of a luxury steam sauna within your own home!


    Improves blood circulation
    Increases metabolism and burns calories
    Relieves stress
    Removes toxins and purifies pores
    Relieves tension
    Reduces joint pain
    Moisturizes the skin
    Relieves congestion due to colds and sinus problems
    Helps restore restful sleep

Simple to set up!

This unit requires no special plumbing or electrical setup.

Simply fill the reservoir with water, connect the hose, and attach the power plug to an outlet.

Easy to Use!

Step into the sauna, zip up its cover, and turn on power.

Turbo function fills the sauna with warm mist, up to 115° F.

Waterproof, insulated cover locks in the heat.

Automatic shut-off function prevents overheating.

Vents for your head and hands allow reading, watching TV, or listening to music.

Easy Storage!  Folds up to conserve space while not in use.