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This product line was developed Norman McVea, PH.D a scientist and researcher.  Many new developments in Subtle Energy,


iBlissnow™ is a new software company created by Norman McVea, Ph.D. through 15 years of research in Micro Vibratory and Quantum Physics labs and 40 years research in Egyptian Temple Science and Sacred Geometry. Our products are developed using a state of the art Quantum Super Computer.

Dr. McVea was the original founder of the largest Psychotronics company in the U.S.

Our software products transform the way you deal with stress, low energy, pain release, relaxation, athletic performance, creativity, music appreciation, bliss states, meditation, and psychic development.

Time magazine has said the new science is “The Science of Happiness” which is dealing with emotions and Mindfulness–that is:  tuning into your own body and creating joy.  Our Apps have been designed to facilitate you in that pursuit.

Best selling author, Jonathan Robinson, Author of  The Technology of Joy, Find Happiness Now, and frequent Oprah guest has said about us:

” iBlissnow offers powerful products that make tapping into peace, joy, and even ecstasy, incredibly easy. If you’re interested in exploring the best of technological and subtle energy mood enhancement, this website is an amazing resource and store!”



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