Copper Meditation Pyramid Connectors pure copper Crystal

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  • Perfectly handcrafted, highest quality, affordable 6' Copper Meditation Healing Pyramid with four welded polished copper corner connectors, 4" capstone apex connector, 8 pyramid poles (4 base and 4 apex poles) made out of 1/2 inch copper.
  • Great for new and experienced mediators, for self-healing and healing others,  Basic 51 Degree Ascension Meditation Pyramid System is an affordable and simple to use, perfectly handcrafted meditation and healing tool for yourself and others. A form of vibration, energy medicine that transmits and radiates the Soul-filled Light and Healing Blessings Helps a person attune to their higher mind and awaken, integrate and heal the Soul or Buddha Nature - the divine enlightened essence within all life.
  • The Basic System includes four welded polished copper corner connectors and a 4" capstone apex connector with 8 pyramid poles (4 base and 4 apex poles) - all made out of 1/2 inch copper - creating an easily transportable 51 degree copper meditation pyramid with a 6' square base. The  base poles, a larger 10" 24 Gold-plated Capstone, Solar Orb or Corner Octahedrons to amplify the energy.
  •  The meditation pyramids are built to a precise 51 degree angle found in the Great Pyramid, which helps en-house the sacred energy patterns of the Earth. Meditating in a pyramid aligns one and the reality of Earth to proper relationship with God and nature. Once the pyramid system is set up and aligned due north to the magnetic field of the planet, it becomes activated and radiates blessings within a 100 mile radius. The longer the Pyramid is set up the greater the Earth's prana, the Planetary Soul, can be radiated, creating a powerful tool for Personal & Planetary Healing.
  • Used on a daily basis as well as for sleeping in, it helps to protect from astral influences, DE-crystallize negative patterns or habits and truly heal mind, body and emotions. The 51 degree pyramid is a temple whose sacred proportions relate to both the human form and the sacred geo mancy of the Earth and its relationship to the Moon, Sun and Cosmos. The 51 degree pyramid represents the Word of God and Evolution - prana, vitality made manifest into form. 
  • Stimulates more synaptic activity and activates a larger amount of the brain. Helps to balance the pituitary and pineal glands as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Reported benefits are many including pain relief, aid to surgical healing and the blessing of a loving, quiet mind. Use to vitalize food, supplements or plants.
  • Align due north (compass provided) and place the system over a bed, desk, chair or massage table to help maintain a sacred space and transform, transmute and protect from negative energies. Has a transcendental effect and can be used for long distance healing by placing pictures or names of people inside. Never needs to be energetically cleared or cleansed.