Omni Massager Power Roller 5 colors

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The Omni-Massage Roller Superior Function & Proven Results

The Omni-Rollers’ “Omni” directional massage ball and easy to grip handle make it
the tool of choice for professional or home use. Just like driving your car over a
speed bump, you can actually feel what is going on under the surface. You control
the pressure and the “Omni” directional massage ball does the work. The unique
mobility of the massage ball & the easy grip handle make the Omni-Roller the perfect
tool for cross fiber, deep tissue and trigger point therapy.
Its “high tech” durable construction enables you to use your Omni-Roller in any wet
environment, hot tub, and whirlpool or in a soothing bubble bath. Use it with oils and
creams. Cleans easily with soap and water.
Whether you are looking for a great personal massage tool or a therapeutic tool that
fills the needs of your clients and saves your hands as well, this is it!