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Vibe Bracelets - It's in the Coating!

Stone types will vary between and within themes :) Our bracelet variety is not limited to the pictures given. Choose color one per order


Words cannot describe how amazingly these bracelets work! Natures Blend of Plant Oils and Therapeutic Tiny Gem Spheres in a Liquid Crystal Coating brings these Natural tools up to a level we can actually feel working almost instantly. It feels like a miracle, a miracle of nature. When we understand Vibrations Miracles become a daily way of life!

Even though the coating may wear off over time, the beneficial effects of the coating never goes away!

 Amazing Benefits. 

  • Like a large antenna helping us attract specific good energies.
  • Raises the good energy value of food or beverages in 10 seconds.
  • Helps us hold our Vibes UP making it easier for us to transform and heal negative energies and blockages.

 Available Themes:

Abundance & Prosperity, Allergy Relief, Balance (Work, Life & Hormones), Clarity & Memory, Confidence (Courage & Fear Releasing), Depression Relief, Energy & Motivation, Forever Young, Health & Wellness, Immune Boost, Joy & Inspiration, Love, Metabolism Boost, Pain Relief, Passion (Libido Boost), Protection from Negativity, Stress Reduction, & Will Power.


  •  Single strand, natural cut nuggets and soft, smooth chips.
  •  Assorted designs, machine cut stone styles. Includes shapes like hearts, diamonds, round spheres and more. 

All themes have assorted stones available and are chosen by their known metaphysical qualities and enhanced with our patented Vibes UP Liquid Crystal Coatings tuning them into the specific frequency.

All bracelets are intuitively picked from assorted gemstones and minerals. If you have a specific stone, style or color in mind, please let us know in the comment box of your order and the Vibes UP Elves will do their best to fulfill your request :)