Vibes up Bra with 3 inserts for emf protections and healing

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Nature's VIBEBra
Change your BRA Change you VIBE! interchange Vibe bra insert themes: Made with REAL GEMS, CRYSTALS, FLOWERS, PLANT BOTANIC S & BLACK TOURMALINE (known for being protective from environmental toxins.
Good Vibe BRAtions FOR BLISS
(You can mix and match with your sets!)

Whole body delivery! Have you heard of medicine Patches that are worn on the skin that help deliver ingredients to the whole Body? We absorb through our skin, this is called Trans dermal delivery. It is believed that the aureola (nipple) has a much higher ability of absorption than other skin areas. What a delightful way to bring more nature to our whole bodies!

NATURE'S SHIELD think of them as an ion umbrella of nature energies to create a happy little 'nature shield' designed to help neutralize modern synthetic and electronic toxins that marinate our bodies. These modern toxins are suspected to be some of the core causes in the rapid increase in breast health issues.

Comfort Bra: In addition to the inserts we have comfort bras to help allow the natural flow of energy and circulation. Bras that constrict the body's natural flow are not healthy. Our comfy bras let your circulation and energy flow and also have NO Underwires, as wires can create an irritation that could cause health risks and they can literally work like antennas that attract more electronic toxins directly to our breast area.

These bras have cute little inner pouches to slip your inserts into or you can wear the insert directly against the skin. We think you'll fall in love with your Vibe Bra available in 5 colors, feeling fresh white, grounding black, and vibrant the colors of purple, turquoise, and spring green!

Please note that the Comfort XL bra does not have adjustable straps, the SM/MD and MD/LG Bras have the adjustable straps. 

*Pads insert sizes are based more on circumference of breasts and are not about the size of extra boost. We feel they are just right not too much.

Sm/Med - Suggested for A-B Cups sizes 
Med/Lg - Suggested for C-D Cup sizes
Pad less insert - Good for all Cup sizes, is only the earth material triangle marked with a letter for the specific theme :)


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash inserts and let air dry, for Vibe Bra - wash on gentle cycle and let air dry.