Whole life Superfoods Greens and Maca

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Greens and Maca 1 lb.

Greens and Maca has 4 Potent Ingredients: Organic Maca, Organic Chlorella, Barley Grass Juice Powder and Enzymes

This one is my favorites. You will soon want to  recommend it to all  of your friends. Women seem to love Greens and Maca.  Superfoods for a great tasting way to make your smoothie. 

Wonderful formula very top quality. Maca is considered the ginseng of South America and grows above 14,000 ft so it gives a real energy boost.

Green Superfoods are Very Important Foods for your Health.  Chlorophyll is what makes Plants Green.  It is the Blood of the Plant and is very close in its make up to Human Blood.  It strengthens and Cleanses the Blood which goes all over the body, into each cell and tissue.  Want to feel Clean and Nourished?    Drink or eat something Green Today!!