Laughing Goddess Yoga Ware

Body Tools is very excited to be carrying a new product line: The extremely comfortable and versatile Laughing Goddess Yoga Ware clothing line plus various other items from their ware house which includes jewelry and statues, mindfulness products and more.  We have already had a very positive response at trade shows.

Regarding the clothes we're learning fast that clothing is a different beast than most of our widgets. For one, models are required to show each piece which makes photography more involved. 

See the Laughing Goddess Clothing category.  The main thing to realize about the clothing is that all the pieces are truly one size fits all.  In the pictures you will see a plus size model wearing the exact same clothing as some slimmer models.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  More pictures and styles coming.

All pieces come in a rayon / cotton blend with 5% lycra. This fabric is superb. One size fits size 2 to size 12.  These clothes wash beautifully in cold water on the gentle cycle.

So comfortable you can sleep in them. Very flattering, wonderful clothing that's so versatile you and your daughter can share them - both of you looking and feeling relaxed, beautiful and happy.  We always say the Goddess can't be laughing if she is not confident and comfortable in what she is wearing.