Color Therapy Glasses- 9 Rainbow CHAKRA COLORS

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It’s fun, it’s sun protection, it’s mood-enhancing, it’s color therapy, all in 7 dazzling
color glasses!  Yes, each pair of lightweight sunglasses blocks 95% of damaging
UVB, and 60% UVA rays. But color is also a powerful mood regulator which stimulates
and corrects imbalances corresponding to the chakra energy centers of the body.
Colors can even affect the way in which the pineal glands determine endocrine
function. On a psychological level people feel different being immersed in different
colors. Wear them for 30-60 minutes per day, or however long you feel the desire.

Red -    root chakra, for energy, power, courage and self-confidence.
Orange - the sacral chakra, for sociability, creativity and happiness.
Yellow - the solar plexus chakra, for cheerfulness, health and mental clarity.
Green - the heart chakra, for harmony, healing, peace and unconditional love.
Blue -   the throat chakra, for sensitivity, loyalty, integrity and communication.
Indigo - the third eye chakra, for intuition, meditation, awareness and perception.
Violet - the crown chakra, for spiritual fulfillment, generosity, selflessness, wisdom
           and inspiration.


ASSOCIATED WITH: Balancing of emotions, for both the over and under emotional.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Relaxation, balancing emotions.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Soothing feeling, purity, calmness.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Loving expressiveness.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Serenity, stillness, understanding, imagination.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Accurate perception, greater intuition and awareness.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Creativity, beauty, inspiration.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Selflessness, generosity, enhanced artistic ability.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Communication, personal expression, decisiveness.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Clear communication, confidence in speaking, mental relaxation.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Peace, love, harmony.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Rest, relaxation, calmness, stress reduction.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Cheerfulness, mental clarity, inspiration, stimulating curiosity and interest.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Easing of depression, greater self-esteem, empowerment, confidence.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Resourcefulness, sociability, happiness, success.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Social confidence, joyfulness, enjoyable relationships, expanded interests and activities.

ASSOCIATED WITH: Vitality, self-confidence, feeling of security and safety, courage, power.
REPORTED BENEFITS: Energy, confidence, settled, feeling of safety and security. May raise your blood pressure and generate body heat. Wear red only for a short time.


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