Spine Aligner 2 tools in one - roller for the back and foot

BT 661040
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Two tools in one! Famous for unique design,
this tool is unparalleled.

Use to adjust the spine and ease back like the Maxie-Backsie or use ridges
for double foot and hand massage.

Reduces stress and is our best buy!  Take a little time to tune into your body breath and feelings. 

Good feeling body is the goal. The better you feel the more you allow.

Just relax on one spot centered on the spinal erector muscles and take 10 deep breaths.

This is an awareness tool to focus on the releasing and relaxing of the tensions.

Best done with a quiet room and soft uninterrupted energy to allow the inward peaceful mood to  soothe your body and mind.

Imagine a dissolving of rocks in a stream and the blood flowing is the energy to renew your balance.

Comes with a header card and has instructions.  Helps with sleep and meditation.

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